Program Meeting #3


"Orthognathic Surgery"

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18h00 - 18h20 : Lefort 2 set back in class II malocclusion – Joël Ferri (Lille/France)

18h25 - 18h45 : Segmental osteotomies of the maxilla in modern orthognathic surgery - Johan P. Reyneke (Cape Town/South Africa)

18h50 - 19h10 : Long term factors of occlusal stability in orthognathic surgery - Farhad B. Naini (London/UK)

19h15 - 19h35 : TMJ remodelling after orthognathic surgery. An essential point to follow -Timo Peltomäki (Tamepre/Finland) 

19h40 - 20h00 : Discussion