The 7 rules of IAOMM


- The patient first before any treatment you consider

- With equivalent results the non surgical treatment you prefer

- Reliable treatments more than the spectacular ones have to be chosen first

- After live function you have to preserve

- From your failure something you learn

- Modesty in any circunstance you keep

- To improve always you look for more


IAOMM - International association of oral and maxillo-facial medicine

What light is to the eyes, what air is to the lungs, what love is to the heart, liberty is to the soul of man.

Robert G. Ingersoll


Addressing oral cavity pathologies, and beyond them the craniofacial anomalies that they generate, implies a deep knowledge of dentistry, medicine and often surgery. The medicine history of various countries has led to the fact that skill in these three sciences are rarely taught together in the current training programmes.



Our approach

Aware of these shortcomings, the IAOMM has set as its goal to sponsor the exchange of knowledge, ease access to additional training for doctors who already hold a degree in Dental surgery or Medicine, and who want additional training in the fields of oral pathology, stomatology, or maxillofacial pathology.

Our actions

The IAOMM has gathered a group of experts to provide to dentists, stomatologists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, teaching adapted to everybody. We are also considering online training.