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It is with pleasure that I announce the launch of our AIMOM evenings. This year we will have 3 thematic evenings in addition to our annual meeting on December 9th.

These evenings are an opportunity to take stock on a specific subject, in a friendly but critical spirit on controversial topics. The interest is to gather the opinion of recognized specialists whose points of view sometimes diverge. Each evening is scheduled to last two hours (18h-20h).

A free exchange by chat is reserved between the speakers and the connected participants.

Prof. J.Ferri


Thursday, March 25th 2021 - Conference in french

Meeting #1 : Management of alveolar/palatal  clefts  and malocclusions in clefts lips and palates

Thursday, June 3rd 2021 - Conference in french

Meeting #2 : Which lesions of the oral cavity should be considered as precancerous?

Thursday, September 23rd 2021 - Conference in english

Meeting #3 : coming soon