Les 6èmes Journées de l'AIMOM

Lille 5 december 2019



5th December 2019 




L’ IAOMM changes


Our association decided to open its membership to practitioners specialized in oral Stomatology or maxillo-facial surgery.  


This year our association our annual meeting will take place on December 5th. The main topic will be "temporo-mandibular joint". As every year we will have to sessions  in French and  in English. Among the invited speakers Professor F. Spijkervet will expose his huge expertise in tempro-mandibular joint endoscopy. He is one of the leading specialists of this subject in Europe.  


IAOMM organizes a meeting under  the rare diseases foundation hospice on June 5th. The theme will be "congenital missing teeth". We will receive patients and their families with practitioners to take stock on this difficult subject.   


May I remind you the conferences that we recommend : The French congress of Stomatology and maxillo-facial surgery that will take place in Dijon in September, The world meeting in Rio de Janeiro on May and the European meeting in Paris on September 2020.


Sincerely yours


Pr J Ferri



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